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Oil is an efficient and undetachable part of vehicles. For the effective working of a vehicle’s engine, oil is required. The cars’ engines get heated up which can lead to a disastrous problem sometimes if not cooled down. That’s what we need the oil coolers for. Do you know oil coolers prevent vehicles from causing any problems due to heat? This blog will help you to understand why is it so and why is it important to have oil coolers for better working. It promotes the long life of your vehicle. The oil cooler manufacturers and exporters provide the oil coolers at the best prices. Let’s dive deep into the concepts of oil coolers and their types for a better understanding of the topic.

What are Oil coolers?

Oil coolers are small radiators near the engine which is used for the smooth running of the engine. It also maintains the best performance of the engines. Vehicles often get heated up. To avoid any unwanted circumstances engine needs to be cooled down. You can find them with the oil cooler suppliers and manufacturers at the best prices. Oil coolers make the engine cool down and lubricate the engine as well for its better working. The maintained temperature leads to the long-term working of your vehicles. Sometimes, many explosions take place. It is due to the excessive heat of the vehicle because of the friction that develops among the parts. It is when lubrication is not provided to the vehicle’s parts. And that’s when the engine when turned on generates heat because of the friction among the parts. Oil cooler manufacturers consider the requirements of the vehicles while their fabrication. It is to ensure better working and reliable results.

What are Different Types of Oil Cooling Methods?

Find all types of oil coolers available from the oil coolers exporters in India. These include three main types: Air Cooled, Oil cooled, and liquid-cooled engines. Every method has a separate way of performing well concerning the engines. Oil cooler manufacturers keep in view every aspect for better manufacturing.

Air Cooled Engine

This is the most basic method among all other methods. It is because it uses natural air which is used as a cooling agent. The working principle of the air-cooled engine is straightforward. The outer casing which houses the engine cylinder is surrounded by fins. It creates channels for passing air to take away the heat. This heat is developed due to the happenings taking place inside. The fins also increase the surface area of the casing. It allows the heat to dissipate quickly. Air cooling is the most cost-effective method. It is not the most efficient choice for high-performance engines. But if engineered well, these can be quite a reliable method for cooling though. This method works well with small-capacity engines. Find them available with the air cooler suppliers in India for better working of the engines. It is also good for large-capacity engines. But with the small capacity engines, it works well with greater outcomes.

Oil Cooled Engine

This is an intermediary option that is used to keep the engine temperature in place. This method also makes use of an oil cooler that cools down the temperature of the engine oil. The engine oil circulates within the engine when it’s running. It also absorbs the heat generated inside. Also, works well when it is beyond a defined temperature level. The lubrication of the fluid decreases which results in friction between internal components. As a result of which the temperature begins to increase. To maintain the optimal temperature for better working of the engine use oil coolers. The oil circulation system is used for lubrication and as a liquid coolant. Buy it from oil cooler exporters in India as it is an effective method for cooling down the engines.

Liquid Cooled Engine

The liquid-cooled engine is ideal for large-capacity motors. The large capacity motors’ rev is high and generates higher amounts of power. They also need ideal cooling during all operating conditions. The coolant is circulated through internal channels around the motor. It is because the coolant absorbs the heat from the engine, providing a cooling temperature to it. It is pumped towards the radiator which cools it down using atmospheric air. It is best for large-capacity motors. You can find them available at the top oil cooler manufacturing firms in India.


Oil coolers are mandatory for the lubrication of internal parts. It is also used for cooling down the vehicle. It results in the better working of the vehicles and is completely reliable. Get them from the oil cooler exporters, manufacturers, and suppliers in India from Enggpro.