Fire Extinguishers: The Types and Their Uses

Fire Extinguishers

We know about fire extinguishers because wherever we go, we find them. It is used during emergencies for turning off the fire when needed. It is seen everywhere such as in malls, schools, buildings, hotels, etc. All the fire extinguisher cylinders are red but for differentiating one from the other, each one is marked differently from the other with a different colour. Even when you know what it is or why it is used, the information remains incomplete. This blog contains all the information which is important for you all concerning fire extinguishers. It is very important to use the right fire extinguisher at the right time when any situation like that persists. So, read this blog till the end to get information on the types of fire extinguishers, their uses and the top fire extinguisher manufacturers and suppliers in India.

Classes of Fire

One needs to know the classes of fire before knowing about fire extinguishers. It is because when one is well versed in it, the situation can be tackled vigilantly. Fire extinguisher manufacturers fabricate the fire extinguisher as per the class of fire. So, if any situation like that persists, people can encounter it and handle it well. The fire has been divided into four classes and they are named A, B, C and D, Electrical and F.

Class A: Under this category, all the combustible materials are placed. This type of fire is caused by flammable solids such as wood, paper, coal, fabric, etc.

Class B: This class contains the flammable liquids that are more likely to catch fire such as petrol, turpentine or paint.

Class C: This category consists of flammable gases like hydrogen, butane or methane.

Class D:  Under this class comes the combustible metals. The metals involve chemicals such as magnesium, aluminium, potassium, etc.

Class E: This class involves electrical fires. It is when any electrical equipment is involved in the fire. If the electrical item is removed, the class of fire will be changed.

Class F: Under F class, comes the cooking oils that are used in the kitchen. The cooking oil catches fire spontaneously if kept on flame for too long or there could be other reasons as well. The example for this class can be typically a chip pan that catches the fire.

Types of Fire Extinguishers

There are different types of fire extinguishers available in the marketplace with fire extinguisher suppliers in India. You can buy them as per your building’s requirements. It is important to install a fire extinguisher cylinder as it can put havoc mishappening to an end. Now, the types of fire extinguishers are:

Water Extinguisher

The label colour of this fire extinguisher is brighter. It is used for organic materials such as paper and cardboard, wood and textiles, wood and coal, etc. Do not use it for any practices where the fire involves electrical equipment, kitchen fires, flammable gas and liquids. It is because it can aggravate the fire and lead to a life-threatening problem.

Foam Extinguisher

This kind of fire extinguisher is also used for organic materials such as textiles, wood, paper, etc. The foam extinguisher has a label in a cream colour to differentiate it from other fire extinguishers. It is also not suitable for kitchen fires, electrical fires, etc.

Powder Extinguisher

The label colour of the powder extinguisher is blue. It is used for textiles, wood, paper, coal, etc. It is also used for flammable liquids and flammable gases involving paint, petrol, liquid petroleum gas, acetylene, etc. It also involves electrical fires up to 1000v. The powder that comes out of it can go inside your eyes if the atmosphere is closed. So, make sure you use it in an open atmosphere and not a closed one as it can lead to breathing problems as well.

Carbon Dioxide ( CO2) Extinguisher

This kind of fire extinguisher is marked with a black label. It can be used for flammable liquids like paint and petrol, It can also be used to put off electrical fires. Do not use it for kitchen fires, combustible materials like paper, wood, etc, or flammable metals. It is because if you use it for these items then the outcome will be the opposite of what is expected.

Wet Chemical Extinguishers

These extinguishers are labelled yell. It is used more commonly for cooking oil, organic materials, etc. It is not suitable for flammable liquids, electrical fires or flammable metals.

You can buy all of the above-mentioned fire extinguishers from the fire extinguishers sellers online and use them as per requirement.

Top Fire Extinguisher Manufacturers and Suppliers in India

Buying fire extinguishers from the top fire extinguisher suppliers would be better for your buildings. This is because this apparatus is regarded as emergency equipment, so it must show reliable results when needed. You can find the top fire extinguisher suppliers and manufacturers on Enggpro. We have listed the suppliers and manufacturers from all around the globe on a single platform for your ease. Some of the top fire extinguishers suppliers and manufacturers are:

  • Shree Steel Overseas
  • United Engineering Corporation
  • Ayush Engineers
  • Ankya & Company
  • Udyogi
  • Akron Brass Company
  • Kanex Fire
  • Integrated Fire Protection Private Limited
  • United Fire Equipments Private Limited


Fire extinguishers are the most common yet most important apparatus which is used when an emergency breaks out. Its installation is important in every building. Buy fire extinguishers from the top fire extinguisher manufacturers and suppliers for a better experience.