Top 10 fasteners manufacturers in India


The components which hold two different parts mechanically are Industrial or permanent fasteners. These components are in use temporarily or permanently, depending on their requirements. This Fasteners prevents accidents that take place due to loose parts.

Numerous industrial fasteners are available in the market, like nuts, studs, screws, rivets, hinges, bolts, handles, and many others. All the Fasteners manufacturer designs components of superb quality to hold and support the weight of the parts.

India is one of the top manufacturers and suppliers of industrial Fasteners. For getting accuracy, there is the requirement of Unmatched skillsets and process precision.

Top 10 Fastener manufacturers and Suppliers 

Below are the top 10 fastener manufacturers and suppliers in India

Deepak Fasteners Limited (DFL):- In 1958, Deepak Fasteners limited came into existence. It has certification of ISO 9001, BS OHSAS 18001, ISO14001, and ISO/TS16949. The company manufactures and supplies industrial fasteners from long-time pins, Washers, and Hex screws/bolts.

TorqBolt Inc:- TorqBolt Inc is one of the industrial fasteners manufacturers and suppliers. The company’s reputation is increasing due to quality fasteners that meet international standards. The product of Torque Inc is Socket cap screws, nuts, Bolts, square plate washers, and plates.

Jyoti Engineering (Jyoti):- Jyoti Engineering has been in the market since 1967. The company keeps producing a quality products and gaining trust worldwide. Jyoti Engineering maintains quality consistency for its clients by manufacturing items, bolts, nuts, washers, shear connectors, and DTI washers.

Big Bolt Nut:- Big Bolt Nut has been available since 1989. The specialty of this company is that it supplies big-diameter bolts and nuts to its clients (National & International). It has ISO 9001 certification and designs products from stainless steel, steel alloy, and carbon steel. As the company name states, they produce HV bolts and nuts, High tensile bolts, Hex nuts, High Tensile Fasteners, and Washers.

Boltport Fasteners (BPF):- The Boltport Fasteners believe zero-tolerance policy for manufacturing poor quality products. There is an increase in reputation due to the production of high-quality industrial fasteners.

Kova Fasteners Pvt. Ltd.:- The company has an experience of more than ten years of manufacturing and supplying fasteners. Kova focuses on producing goods that are process and market-centric.

Singhania International Limited (STURDFIX/SFX):- It has been an international brand since 1995. They manufacture Fasteners by expert engineers who use high-level technology.

Kaloti Group of Companies:- The company has been available in this market for 55 years. They have in-house laboratories which test all Fasteners before manufacturing and supplying.

Ananka Fasteners Manufacturers:- Ananka Fasteners Manufacturers is one of the leading suppliers of fasteners. They manufacture the Fasteners using different and authentic materials such as stainless steel.

Caliber Enterprises:- Caliber Enterprises is known for growing faster in manufacturing and supplying industrial fasteners.


There is a requirement for an Industrial Fastener for heavy duties. The Fastener is of high quality, as a lack of quality can cause indescribable hazards. The above companies perform research, development, and testing of their fasteners to make industrial work possible. Check out range of Fasteners Manufacturers and Suppliers at Enggpro.