Why Steel Round Bars are popular among industries ?

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Are you wondering who supplies and manufactures steel round bars in India and want to know the best kind of steel round bars available in the market? Then read this blog till the end and find the best steel round bars as per your requirement. 

There are many types of steel bars available and manufactured in industries and markets. High yield Strength Deformed Bar, Thermo Mechanically treated Bar, TMX Bar, Corrosion Resistance Steel Bar and Super Ductile BarSteel. Round Steel Bars are the most popular amongst all, they are round and cylindrical shaped bars that are used for industrial applications and construction sites. They are plain and round in their appearance and available in different sizes so that they can be used as per their specific requirement to fulfil the need. They are used for producing different components such as pumping shafts, machine tools, surgical parts, pins, etc. Round Bars are ideal for use because they could be cut and bent but they won’t break unwantedly or undergo any physical damage.

There are also different kinds of round bars available –

  • Aluminium Round Bar 

Aluminium round bars are used in heavy industrial applications and they are used in various places such as architectural applications, automobiles and also can be used in the field of aviation.

  • Cold Rolled Bar

Cold rolled bars are processed under cold conditions. It is because they possess great tensile strength, are highly ductile and look more straight and possess high withstanding power. They are used in household areas, the construction industry, the production of furniture, etc.

  • Stainless Steel Round Bar

Stainless Steel Round Bars are free from any corrosion and oxidation which makes them a perfect fit and suitable for usage. These bars are used widely because of their versatile property. 

There are plenty of steel round bar manufacturers in India. Also, there are multiple kinds of round bars available but stainless steel Round Bar is the most ideal choice for industrial applications and commercial applications too. They undergo all the chemical processes in chemical industries, forging, etc. but it withstands it all. Round Bars are the main component in any industry because of their adaptive properties. Round Bars possess a low carbon percentage in comparison to others and can be welded easily. They are also the most vital in the manufacturing process and engineering industries. Therefore, round bars are more important to use than one thinks. 

How are Square Bars different from Round Bars?

Round Bars have circular cross-sectional areas whereas Square Bars have squared cross-sectional areas. From their respective names, it is quite clear that the first difference lies in their names themselves. Square bars are generally used in heavy industrial applications. They are also malleable without breaking off. They both offer great strength and possess specific capabilities. But talking about designing, square bars are much more suitable for traditional type designs whereas round bars are widely used for modern designing. However, Square bars can also be used in modern designing applications, but round bars stand the most chance and possess more popularity comparatively. 

Steel Round Bar Manufacturers in India 

There are many steel round bar manufacturers in India that are reliable and provide good services.

  • Bouka Metals

Bouka company was established in the year 2014. This company is a steel fabricator such as metal pipe, bars, etc. and is located in Vadodara, Gujarat. They ensure commitment and promise better quality and timely deliveries.

  • Skytech Rolling Mills Private Limited 

Skytech Rolling is the leading supplier of all metal products established in the year 2004 in Mumbai, Maharashtra. They offer a wide range of steel goods such as bars, flanges, pipes, rods, angles, etc.

  • Hindustan Ferro Alloy Industries Pvt LTD

It is an ISO 9001- 2015 accredited company which was established in the year 2017 in Pune, Maharashtra. They manufacture steel and bright bars of good quality. 

Certification and Standardisation

It is always better to consider the factor of certification before buying a certain product. It is because products with certifications will always stand out and offer you the best quality. It also ensures that you are buying reliable products and getting the best to the best quality with it. Being a buyer or even seller one should consider this factor as better quality and services help to build reliable and everlasting relationships.

ISO certified round bars will always be a better choice because it comes with the approval of the best and longest life. Durability is something people rely on hence, it is always better to go for certified products from trusted manufacturers or suppliers than the non-certified ones. It promises better standards which means better efficiency.

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