Top 10 industrial safety glasses manufacturers and suppliers company

The industrial safety of the workers has been a burning point among the Industries of India. As of now, we have become quite aware of the rules and regulations regarding the safety of workers in Industries. The most common injury in the workplace is an eye injury. This mainly occurs as the worker is not wearing any eye protection, or if wearing then it may not be the right one.

So, to curb these dangers what should be done:

1.Create awareness regarding the wearing of all kinds of safety equipment amongst the workers as well as employees.

2.The safety equipment should be right according to the work and of high quality.

The industrial safety glasses that the workers wear daily during their work hours should be bought from a reputed Industrial safety glasses manufacturing company in India.

There are two types of safety glasses available in the market:

1.Prescription Safety Glasses.

These glasses are precisely for individuals who are wearing regular glasses. These glasses are made up of opticians with prescription lenses, so the person’s eye needs are known by the eye care professional. So they need to be made for an individual specifically. The other option for this kind of glasses is worn over safety glasses. They are worn over the individual’s regular eyeglasses and usually are not very comfortable. But safety comes first.

2. Non-Prescription Safety Glasses.

These are simply industrial glasses that are worn by people who do not have any vision problems. So when we buy safety glasses for an Industrial purpose certain standards should be met. Right from their frame to their lenses, they should be of such material that all the standards are met. You will only be able to obtain such glasses from known Industrial safety glass suppliers in India.

What should be the properties of the safety glasses?


2.Will impose less threat when broken.

3.Anti-Glare especially for welders.

4.Not easily scratchable i.e., Anti scratchable.


So, these are some of the few properties that industrial safety glasses should have.

Why should you wear industrial safety glasses?

A lot of times the importance of eye protection is not realized in the workplace. A lot of hazards can be easily avoided just by wearing protective glasses.

1.Safety from debris or any other foreign particles.

Many times, some dangerous chemicals or substances are released into the air and can harm your eyes. A lot of times simple accumulated dirt, or wooden debris, pollens, etc. can cause your eyes long and life-lasting damage.

2.Safety from very bright or unsafe light.

Many times welding torches, lasers emit a lot of light, these are of very high intensity and may affect your eyes. So, you need to wear safety glasses to protect your eyes from such bright lights.

3.They come in fashion now.

Many times young workers feel that the safety glasses dampen their style but now is not the case. A lot of companies are now offering customized frames with bright as well as subtle colors.

4.Safety from Chemicals and Pesticides

A slight drop of a chemical in your eyes may also lead to ever-lasting damage. So, wearing safety glasses when you work in the vicinity of chemicals and pesticides is a must.

So, don’t rely on your usual glasses to protect your eyes. But buy properly designed industrial safety glasses from the top Industrial safety glasses manufacturers in India and save yourself from potential hazards.

Now let us look at some of the top industrial safety manufacturers and suppliers that are available in India:

1.Safetwala Equipments LLP.

A 25-year-old company in Ahmedabad thought to expand into safety equipment providing PPE, industrial, fire, and road safety products. They even have a showroom to showcase their products.

Products and Services:

Safety Products, Safety sunglasses, Safety equipment.


A leading safety solution provider who also provides safety training to the workers is a 4 decades-old company. They are committed to providing a diverse portfolio right from head-to-toe safety products. Known for their quality and superior use of raw materials makes them popular in the industry. They do not compromise with the quality and provide the best possible safety solutions in India.

Products and Services:

Safety Products, Safety Mirrors, Safety Glasses.

3.Shri Sainath Associates.

A supplier from Jharkhand who is also a trader, manufacturer as well as distributor of safety equipment.

Products and Services:

Safety shoes, Safety products, Safety Glasses.

4.Sai Indo Metal Resources Pvt Ltd.

A growing company that markets, sources and distributes all kinds of products in diverse areas of the country.

Products and Services:

Safety sunglasses, Safety Systems, Safety Equipment.

5.Hope Medical and Engineering Suppliers Pvt Ltd.

They are a manufacturing unit of diverse products right from thermometers to blowers, compressors, valves, and safety tools. They are known to supply the best quality safety products.

Products and Services:

Face Shields, Disposable Clothing, Splash protection safety goggles.


They are a manufacturing and service provider unit that helps in fabrication, pneumatic, blasting, and provide various safety tools.

Products and Services:

Safety Mirrors,

7.Bright Metech

A wholesaler and trader based in Vadodara, Gujarat, provides efficient distribution facilities related to all kinds of industrial valves, steel structures, channels, angles, beams and fittings. 

Products and Services:

Gloves and sleeves, Safety sunglasses.

8.SHB Consultant India Pvt Ltd.

They are suppliers of all welding consumables and accessories located in Maharashtra.

Products and Services

Safety Railings.

9.Techniport Electronics Pvt Ltd.

An organization excelling in the power and energy sector, right from manufacturing to research and development, to electronics designs and services. Supplying safety tools.

Products and Services:

Safety mirrors.

10.Swastik Industries.

A manufacturer, trader, and distributor of all kinds of valves, gaskets, insulation pipes, and safety glasses.

Products and Services:

Safety Glasses

These were some insights on why we should use industrial safety glasses and their importance. The manufacturers and suppliers list is a bonus.