E-Pro (E-Auction Platform)

Seamless process of an auction to sell equipment and services through online competitive bidding platform

What is Enggpro’s E-Auction Platform?

Blockchain-based fully automated electronic marketplace for buyers and bidders to build trust & confidence

Enggpro's E-Auction Platform is Hi-tech, Blockchain enabled, professionally managed online bidding platform.


With market intermediaries excluded through e-auctioning, the buyers have received fair pricing for their produce. The transparent bidding process led to increased bidder trust and satisfaction.


Complete automation on the selection of right vendor and no scope for human error, which increased the overall efficiency.

Prompt Solution

The platform provides real-time and authenticated information to stakeholders. Real-time collaboration between buyers and vendors reducing the inventory.

Features of E-Auction Platform

Catalogue Management

With our E-Auction's Catalogue Management, any updates made to any catalog can be easily reviewed, approved or rejected before publishing.

Vendor Management

The vendor management is the easiest way to add, import and manage your vendor's by mapping them with appropriate categories and products.

Reverse Auction

Our reverse auction algorithms evaluate your spend category and determines its suitability for the reverse auction process.

Forward Auction

Our intuitive dashboard, auto-extension support, detailed reports and analytics helps you manage risk, maximize profits, reduce inventory costs, and reach new markets easily.

Spend Analysis

Our comprehensive spend analysis tools that helps you analyze the metrics and monitor the performance of various spending activities right from line item to enterprise level.

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