Engineering companies in India

engineering companies in India

It is well known that about 70% of the population has pursued or is pursuing engineering companies in India. India is moving forward in the field of science and technology. It is also heading towards its advancement and innovation every day which is best possible with help of the Indian companies which are contributing to the growth of the nation. Students are always dreaming of becoming an engineer while they are in school and after getting done with K-12 studies they are much more concerned about taking admission to a good engineering college where they can pursue engineering. Colleges also play an important role in this because they are tied up with hi-tech engineering companies in India where if a student gets placed can earn a handsome amount of salary. Although so many countries are moving forward in the field of engineering, India is also not anywhere behind them. Every day India is being praised for its impeccable involvement and evolution in the field of science and technologies. Youth is contributing to the development and growth of this field at the same time as well with great learning and putting it all into practice. There are so many companies in India that hire engineers and offer them a good salary package. Also, these companies have reached heights and can fetch popularity worldwide. Due to their expansion, people are getting employment and they are generating great revenue which is only increasing the economical growth of the country.

Many engineering companies are running all over India but 5 most renowned companies in India are-

Tata Group of Companies

Tata group was started as a small trading company by Jamsetji Nusserwanji Tata in 1865. It now has more employees than any other companies like Toyota, Microsoft, etc. It expanded in such a way that it is now operating in over 100 countries. Tata owns popular brands like Good Earth and even America’s third-largest coffee company, Eight O Clock Coffee. Tata’s IT Services company, TCS, operates 24 offices in North America itself. It owns every business ranging from salt to hotels and cars. JRD Tata hiked the growth of the company after he was appointed as chairman of Tata Group. He commenced Tata Air Services, Tata Motors, Tata Consultancy Services and introduced his company in more than 100 sectors. After Ratan Tata took over the company, he acquired many big companies like Tetley, Corus, Jaguar, Land Rover, etc. which helped Tata to reach heights and expand its network throughout the whole world. At present Natrajan, Chandrashekhar has been appointed as the chairman of Tata Group. The headquarters of Tata Group is situated in Mumbai. More than 7,50,000 employees are working in this company. So it’s the best engineering company in India to start with.

Reliance Industries

At first, it was a Textile Company started by Dheerajlal Heerachand Ambani and Champaklal Ambani in the year 1960. It was originally named Reliance Commercial Corporation. In 1965 the partnership between the two ended and Dheerajlaal Ambani was watching over and handling the business all alone. This company became the largest textile industry till 1980. In the year 1985, its name was changed to Reliance Industries because it extended its work from the textile sector to the other sectors as well. Reliance became more successful after it set its foot in the oil and gas industry in 1990. Reliance Telecom Private Limited was introduced at the end of 1995. This company is the only company that fulfilled the dream of having mobile phones for every individual of India in the year 2000 by selling them at low prices and making incoming free. Today Reliance Industries has a value of more than $56 Billion. This increasing growth only led Mukesh Ambani to become the richest person in India and comes 36 on the list of richest persons all over the world. It contributes the most to the GDP of India.


Infosys is an Indian Multinational Technology Company for business consulting, Information Technology, and Outsourcing services. Infosys was founded by 7 engineers named N.r. Narayan, Nandan Nilekani, S. D. Shibulal, Kris Gopalakrishnan, Ashok Arora, K.Dinesh and N. S. Raghavan. It was established in 1981. The headquarters of Infosys is situated in Bangalore, India. This company has been accredited with an ‘A’ rating. Infosys is one of the most successful companies in terms of revenue and services. Infosys is India’s Second Largest IT company. Infosys is an IT Service, Public Multinational Technology Company. The name of Infosys has been derived from the Information System. The revenue of this company kept increasing unconditionally from millions to billions which ultimately led to its successful growth. Salil Parekh is the CEO and MD of the company. Infosys is an Indian company but it is involved in business worldwide. The net income of Infosys is US $ 2.3 Billion. Infosys is the 7th biggest company in India and it has more than 2,30,000 employees which shows that it is operating on such a large scale.


Mahindra and Mahindra Company is included in the top vehicle company of India. Jagdish Chandra Mahindra and Gulam Malik Mohammad started this company and it was originally named Mahindra & Mohammad, later it was changed to Mahindra & Mahindra after Gulam Mohammad went to Pakistan and left the company. After this whole scenario, the credit for the successful growth of this company is given to Jagdish Chandra Mahindra who set this company up because he contributed impeccably and took his business outside the boundaries of India. It is now considered India’s leading company because of its immense growth all over the world.

Larsen and Toubro

Larsen and Toubro company is considered one of the best multinational companies of India which was established in 1938. The headquarters of Larsen and Toubro is located in Mumbai, India. Henning Holck-Larsen and Soren Kristian Toubro are the founders of this company and it was named on these engineers’ last names only. It has expanded its limit to work outside India and successfully built networking in many countries all around the globe. It is mainly associated with sectors like technology, engineering, construction, and Production. It has more than 40 to 60 units in around 25 countries of the world. The product services it offers include Power Generation, Refineries, Cement plants, Electrical equipment, IT Services, Defence, Construction, Rapid Transit, Finance, Shipbuilding, Real estate, etc.  

However, there are numerous engineering companies in India you will find succeeding in e engineering fields but these companies are the best five companies. It will hike one’s career if one gets a job here.