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Amit Engineering Works

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  • Our Rage of Fabrication & Supply of Mechanical Equipments :

1) Static Equipment Fabrication.: Pressure Vessel , Heat Exchangers (IBR/Non IBR)
2) Skids (Piping /Equipments)( Chemical Injection Skid/ Dosing Skid etc).
3) Stacks : Exchausht Stack, Vent Dispersion Stacks , High Tempreture Stacks etc
4) Prefabricated Piping Spools (CS/AS/SS)
5) Fire Equipments/ Hydrant Lines Package.Structurals Like Pipe Supports etc.
6) On Site IBR /Non IBR Piping Fabrication and Erection BOP Packages for All Sizes .
7)Any Sort of IBR Works.(Fabrication/Erection,Laiasioning).
A) Pressure Vessels, Receivers, Coalasers, Boiler Pressure Parts as per IBR like Economiser, Superheater, Bed tubes, Headers, Pre Fabricated Piping etc.

Boiler repairing as per IBR,
Steam Piping as per IBR,
A)Static Equipments like Heat Exchanger and Pressure Vessels as per IBR.
MOC Handled: IS2062/SA36/SA516Gr.70/SS304/SS316 /Aluminium / Alloy Steel SA387 / P11/22, T11/22 P91.
Reactors, Pressure Vessels, Hydro-Pneumatic tanks / Bladder Tanks, Heat Exchangers, Columns and all other Process Equipments
(MOC Handled : IS2062/SA36/SA516Gr.70/SS304/SS316 /Aluminium) (IBR / NIBR)

B) Piping Skids, Pre Fabricated Piping & On Site Piping ,Pipe Fittings, Mitre Bends,Tank, Injection Quills etc.
(MOC Handled: SA106 Gr., SS304 / SS316 P11, P22, P91, IS2062 / SA36 / SA516Gr.70/SS304 / SS316 SA790UNS2205/UNS 31803 / Aluminium) (IBR/NIBR)

C) Heat Exchangers,Evaporators, Condensers , Reboilers etc
(MOC Handled : IS2062/SA36/SA516Gr.70/SS304/SS316 /Aluminium) (IBR / NIBR)

D) Reactors, Pressure Vessels, Heat Exchangers, Columns and all other Process Equipments
(MOC Handled : IS2062/SA36/SA516Gr.70/SS304/SS316 /Aluminium) (IBR / NIBR)

E) Structural fabrication like Pipe Racks, Pipe Supports, Columns, Girders Baseframes ducting Hoppers etc.

2) Supply, Erection, Repair, retrofit, Replacement jobs & Up gradation job of Boilers, Super heaters, Economiser, Round, Helical Coils of materials like Carbon Steel, Stainless Tees, Alloy Steel.

3) On Site Piping Jobs: Power Piping, Process Piping,Utility Piping, Piping of Exotic Metals like Incoly,Hasteloy DSS, SDSS etc.

4) At Site Fabrication and Erection of Storage Tanks & Tank Farm etc.




  • Plot No W103 /A Kharvai MIDC Badlapur 421503
  • Contact Number: 9833859030



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