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Belco Technologies Corporation (BTC) is a DuPont Clean Technologies company specializing in emission control solutions for major oil refining processes. BTC provides cost effective systems for controlling particulate, SOx, and NOx emissions.

Since 1968, BTC has provided proven emission control systems for large combustion sources to help customers meet increasing more stringent environmental requirements. Our expertise has evolved from particulate control with simple dry electrostatic precipitators for coal fired boilers to highly advanced wet scrubbing systems for simultaneous control of particulate, SOx, and NOx emissions. BTC brings close to 50 years of experience and expertise to every customer and project.

BELCO® Wet Scrubbing is the global standard for controlling refinery flue gas emissions (particulate, SOx, and NOx) from FCCUs, fired heaters and boilers with over 140 systems licensed on refinery FCCUs. With a unique open-vessel design and special non-plugging features, this proven emissions control technology supports 4 -7 years of un-interrupted operation, allowing refiners to concentrate on operations to produce products and not worry about emission control and compliance.

LoTOx™ NOx Control is a wet scrubbing based NOx reduction technology providing > 95% NOx reduction without the problems normally associated with SCR systems. NOx compounds are oxidized at low temperature using ozone. LoTOx™ process is applied as part of an EDV® Wet Scrubbing system, allowing for a truly integrated, multi-pollutant reduction solution.

Third Stage Separators (TSS) Systems for FCCUs provide dry particulate control for emission control and power recovery turbine protection using Shell Global Solutions advanced designs.

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