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Blast Carboblocks Pvt Ltd had set up its manufacturing unit at Murbad; a Maharashtra Industries Development Corporation sponsored industrial zone near Mumbai (India) in 1984 by a group of technocrats. Over the years the company has emerged and established itself as a leader in manufacturing graphite products for Chemical Process Industry.
The product range encompasses graphite Reaction Vessels, Heat Exchangers, HCl Absorbers, Scrubbers, Dilution Units, Concentrators, Distillation Columns, Tower-Packings, Rupture Discs, Steam Jet Ejectors, Line Pipes, hot dumps & receivers, Nutches, storage tanks and other related process equipment's. Excellent product acceptance and response have been received from leading companies, many of them MNC’s in the field of Pharmaceuticals, Pesticides, Dye Stuffs, Phosphate Fertilizers, Heavy Chemicals etc. In 90’s the changing stringent pollution regulations and a vigorous focus on green technologies in Industries prompted us to design and supply pollution abatement and value recovery systems as well.
With over 17 years of experience in the field of graphite equipment's we have evolved a graphite processing technology that gives a product with exceptional corrosion resistance and thermal stability combined with superior mechanical stability unequalled in the global market. Impervious graphite materials developed by us are highly corrosion resistant and good thermal conductors. They withstand temperatures from sub zero to 170 0 C and pressures from near full vacuum to 7 bar.
We are well equipped with technical experts who are capable of giving customized solutions and designs. They are fully integrated with the after sales services team to enable fast response to the user’s queries and process snags.
Blast Carboblocks is among those few graphite equipment manufacturing companies that have a fully integrated manufacturing setup for making almost all types of graphite process equipment covering practically the whole range needed by the CPI. Its products are backed by a highly focused group of R&D set up. Its Market survey group always gets an advance feel of rapidly changing scenario of chemical industries. The data on changing needs and demands of industry are fed to the R & D wing to keep them in a fast response mode for appropriate product modifications. The Technical Service Cell gives free consultancy for product applications.



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