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C.D. Engineering Company was conceptualized in early Nineteen Sixties and was formally given shape in the year 1968 under leadership of its founder Shri Choudhary Chhabil Das, a visionary and philanthropist, who had a foresight to establish a strong brand & lead as frontrunner in the steel and allied manufacturing industry.The group has seen good times in that period by catering to the basic needs of free India particularly in Northern region of Country and became an integral partner in business with big Corporate & Public Sector enterprises.C.D. Engineering Company being one of the pioneering offshoots of the entire group has led industry and has evolved as the solution provider to serve country’s leading processing industry primarily in Oil & Refinery sector. The company has developed competence to forge standard, special & other forged products catering to various industry segments with no restriction in terms of materials. Product testing facilities & manufacturing infrastructure being our core strength has made us capable of meeting mixed customer requirements.The company has always accepted challenging customer orders and has delivered high product quality with committed deliveries. The management systems dealing with various processes are consistently being improved through a well structured Quality Management System practices in compliance with ISO 9001: 2000 standards. Management of the company is consciously making efforts towards building a World- Class company through setting performance benchmarks towards continual growth. The company has ambitious plans to establish Environment and Occupational Health & Safety management practices to deal with environmental performance and safety of human assets.To meet the International market requirements and towards meeting product specific requirements, the company has established practices to deal with Pressure Equipment Directive (PED- 97/23/EC) for making products complying to European Community. This shall lead company to many strengths to acquire further market share in European markets too.
The company takes pride in achieving technical approvals from customers especially in Oil & Refinery sector, which are relying on us for their requirement of high quality forged products. Most of the refineries are even placing their orders for crash requirements because of committed deliveries.Integrity, High Product and Service Quality, Strong Commitments and Employee Sensitivity being core values of the company and towards this, our process owners demonstrate leadership to follow these values.

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