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Established in the year 1971 having its base in Bangalore with rich experience of more than 4 decades. To start with, the company provided consultancy service s to chemical industries & soon established itself a name for Quality and Dependability. Many of the large industrial organisations in India including Hindustan Lever Limited (subsidiary of Unilever Plc.) became its customers.
The Company has been dealing with Engineering Products since 1976 in areas such as
Turbomachinery, CO2, Pressure Vessels, Heat Exchangers, Steam Surface Condensers, Packaged Systems and Turnkey Solutions.
Thereafter, the Company owned & operated 3 CO2 purification, liquification & bottling plants situated in various locations in India & had an established All-India marketing network. The product of the plants had a purity in excess of 99.99% & was approved by the likes of Coca Cola & Pepsico. The CO2 manufacturing, sales & distribution business was sold to Praxair Inc, USA in 1998. The Company continues to supply CO2 storage systems & injection systems to its customers.
Our activities range from Marketing, Consulting and Engineering to Manufacturing, Project Management and Service. Our skill-sets include know-how, design, detailed engineering, fabrication, project execution, supply, erection and commissioning, troubleshooting, overhauls, spares support, etc.
Another area of expertise of the Company is in the field of packaging. The Company has the know-how & in-depth knowledge to put together packages for various applications such as CO2 Storage Systems, CO2 Injection Systems, Lube Oil Systems, Steam Condensing Systems, Air Dryer Packages, Pump Skids, Vacuum Skids, Integrally Geared Centrifugal Air Compressors, Steam Turbine Generators, Drive Turbines, Custom Designed Packages, etc.
The company has an engineering department with the necessary software and hardware resources to enable it carry out the pre-bid & post-bid engineering in terms of basic engineering, detailed engineering, etc.
CICB expertise includes working under third party inspection agencies / consultants like BVIS, EIL, KPG, KTI, LRIS, PDIL, Technip, TOYO, UHDE, etc. CICB is ISO 9001:2015 certified by BVQI. The group offers solutions from individual products and packages to turnkey solutions.


  • Bangalore, Karnataka, India
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    Email: sales@cicb-chemicon.com



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