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In the year 1972 Mr. Shankar Shah sparked off a sort of revolution in the temperature measurement and control equipment in India. An Instrumentation Engineer by qualification and perfectionist by nature, he introduced compensating cables in India. But is was only in the every RTDs & Thermowells that his EECN took shape and began the manufacture of thermocouples, catering to fertiliser, chemical and petrochemical industries apart from refineries, atomic power plants and thermal power plants among others.
The Company today specialises in miniature RTDS, conferring to international standards - an achievement which can definitely be attributed to the combined R&D efforts of Mr. Shankar Shah and his son Mr. Manish Shah. In fact, their efforts have also enabled them to achieve optimum perfection in the 1mm dia mineral insulated TC, an achievement that has consistently eluded other Indian manufacturers.
EECN products conform to most of the international standards specifications viz. DIN/IEC/BSS/JIS etc. This comes ifrom exclusive testing methods like Vibration Testing and Pullout Strength Test. No wonder, EECN is the only Indian company to be awarded the Performance Certification from IPCL. Globally acknowledged agencies like DNV and Bureau Veritas (BV) have certified the R&D and Manufacturing process at EECN and its quality and service has been acknowledged and approved by most of the project consultants in India. Consultants like EIL, PDIL, Humphrey & Glasgow, Davy Powergas, UDHE, Chemtex, KTI, MECON etc. have regularly utilised EECN 's service and expertise. Proof that EECN having attained a leadership status in India are now out to prove a point or two in the international markets.


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