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For over 40 years, General Instruments has been designing and manufacturing primary process control instruments for measuring pressure, temperature, flow, level and related accessories. Since inception in 1966, we have earned a reputation for providing solutions to manufacturing  related processes. We are a single point source for reliable precision instruments.


Today, General is the largest manufacturer of  primary process control instruments in India & Overseas with 5 manufacturing plants and over 400 people employed. All manufacturing plants are ISO 9001:2000 certified. National and international approvals are the foundation of our reputation in the industry.


We have offices in all major metros in India and representation in various countries in South East Asia, Africa, Middle East, Australia, Europe and the USA. We are in a unique position to have total system capability to solve complex manufacturing processes. With the help of latest technology to test and monitor each production process, uncompromising commitment to quality, our customers gets the products, which meets the highest standards. By catering to growing number of applications in a cross section of industries, General Instruments is able to enjoy a substantial share of the market worldwide. Qualified members of our team are engaged in research and customising newer solutions to solve problems, striving for improvement. We have received the prestigious Export Excellence Award from the Ministry of Commerce - Government of India.



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