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At Greenville Steel, we're proud to help serve the nation's steel needs as one of the largest steel suppliers in the US. While we can fill huge orders for NFL stadiums and other large projects, we haven't forgotten our humble roots as a small family shop. We've grown into what we are today by ensuring that each member of our team remains dedicated to every customer. That means that no need is too small and no order too large at Greenville Steel.

Not only is our team committed to outstanding customer service, we're also experienced in anything related to steel. We understand that few things are more frustrating than getting a wrong order, late shipment, or told that you need things for your project that you don't really need. Throughout our team, you'll find friendly professionals who know what they're doing. If you're putting up a new steel building, we'll help ensure that you have everything you need on time. After all, your time is valuable and keeping with your project schedule is important.

We'll also help you get all the supplies you might need for any steel-related project. We're a great place to get welding equipment and supplies along with any of the tools you may need to get the job done right without a bunch of trips to the store. Whether you're building a pipe fence, putting up a steel building, or simply getting a length of steel tubing for a garage project, our team has the know-how and experience to make your project easy and enjoyable.

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