Hydropneumatics has been engaged in the manufacture of flow elements (such as measuring & restriction orifice plates / assemblies, Flow Nozzle assemblies, Venturi tubes) and tank safety equipments (such as Breather valves & Flame Arrester).

Flow elements manufactured by Hydropneumatics are designed to meet the requirements of ISO-5167, BS 1042 / BS EN ISO 5167, ISO TR 15377, ASME MFC 3M, ASME MFC 14M and other national and international standards.

The manufacturing unit has been re-located in the vicinity of the existing PYRO units at Goa, along with the machinery, test equipment, patterns, etc. Manufacturing and design know-how transfer has been accomplished.
M/s. Hydropneumatics a Mumbai based company with its manufacturing unit at Ambernath, Mumbai established in 1975 Started as partnership company by Mr. R. C. Narayanan and Mr. S. K. Kannan.

Take over by PYRO group company M/s. Hydropneumatics Pvt. Ltd.

Manufacturing facilities shifted to Goa at D2/6, Bicholim Industrial Estate, Bicholim, Goa
The technical support from the pioneers continues
Production Manager Mr. R. C. Ramachandran worked for Hydropneumatics for last 30 years continues to contribute his efforts for us now
Their 4 experienced skilled workmen are shifted to Goa and are working with us

Our Values

Additional approved Vendor List for Flow Elements
Additional Cliental list for Flow Elements
Added Products; Flame Arrestors, Breather Valves, Intake Cones, Level Gauges
Wet Calibration from TPI labs like IIT Delhid, FCRI Palghat etc.
Imported Software ‘Flowel’ for design flow Elements
National and International standards like ISO5167, BS1042, ASME Pressure Vessel Codes, ANSI B16.36, ANSI B16.5 etc.

Board of Directors
Mr. D. M. Bichu holds a Bachelors degree in Mechanical Engineering from University of Rajasthan and has over 15 years of engineering experience and expertise in providing solutions to process industry. He is the key person growing, managing and leading the company. His contribution towards the development of Goa Thermostatic is commendable. GTIL has grown from a company of one crore turn over to a company with 5 crore turn over in the past 5 years.
Our Future Plans

Increase the Turn Over to 1500 lacs by 2011-2012
To get enlisted with Engineers India Limited
To get enlisted with BHEL Chennai, BHEL Hyderabad, Avant Garde, Larsen & Toubro
To capture at-least 20 – 25% of market share domestic and global for Flow Elements
To add the product range in Mass Flow Meters, Skid Systems, complete Flow Meter setups

These we will achieve by

Systematic approach and teamwork towards the sales, marketing and execution
Regular visits to the potential customers and providing the best services to the current customers with world class quality products
Market research to establish new clients / customer base
Adding skilled manpower and machineries

Our Mission
Our Mission is towards complete customer focus and satisfaction by delivering products that will sense the parameter accurately, just in time when they need it, by using the latest technology, machines and methods contributing towards professional and career development of our employees thus contributing towards higher returns to our investors, who believe in our values and vision.
Our Vision
We sense it the best.

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