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Ideal Flow Company LTD.

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Ideal Flow Company Ltd. Has been a professional import and export agent focusing on industrial machinery, automation control, various valves and instruments since 2004. Engaged in import and export trade.
the biotechnology medicine and regenerative medicine industry, promote and introduce smart manufacturing solutions, and expand cooperation with Hitachi Group, jointly develop engineering projects and transform into an engineering turnkey company, and comprehensively deploy smart medicine factory construction engineering fields.
At present, the industrial maintenance market is integrated and covers various equipment repairs, and then the after-sales service market is established. At the same time, the breadth of sales products is increased (Guangna World's major manufacturers join the channel). status.
The Group's development and business scope spans the oil refining, petrochemical, power generation, steel, biotech medicine, regenerative medicine, electronics, food and other industrial chains in Taiwan. In the future, it will replicate and expand overseas with the same successful experience.
In addition to years of professional technology and rich experience accumulation, it also provides industrial information, complete and professional technical services to customers.

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