"MARUTI AIR COMPRESSOR is one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of “MARUTI COMPRESSOR” BRAND Industrial/Commercial reciprocating, air –water cooled lubricated and non lubricated compressors in single stage, two stage, and multistage air compressor in piston type compressor from 0.5 HP to 150 HP up to 1000 CFM. We have highly qualified technocrat’s team dedicated & committed to sales and service.We have highly skilled engineers who is inspect each and every components strength and it’s reliability and accuracy before produce any compressor, We have more than 20 years expertise RND team who is continuously working on new ideas to provide good quality to domestic as well as international clients, We are not selling our product but we are selling after sales technical support globally.Our motto is: First we understand what are the exact requirements of our clients and which is the best models suitable to our clients that we suggest our client so our each and every clients save them
precious energy and money. So we say. Maruti air compressor excels to provide total customer satisfaction by serving the manufacturing industry honorably and providing products and services of superior quality at a fair price. Maruti air compressor consistently puts
customer interest first, continually improves its products, offering the best value in air compressor, and spares. Over the years, this thought has constantly guided us in our endeavors and customer requirements in our products and services. It is our mission is to be an international level leading organization in the manufacture and exports of compressor and spares.Maruti air compressor has a large and modern set up at Ahmedabad, Gujarat. The plant is equipped with latest up to date machinery and R & D department, which ensures continuous development and quality. The Company possesses state-of-the-art infrastructure, and complies with all domestic and international pollution control norms with sustained and routine inspection and testing
regimen that goes a long way towards building product integrity and client trust in the Company’s products. Modern Flexible manufacturing gives it
capability to handle large projects of various requirements and sizes. Qualified technicians adhere to stringent testing of MAC’s products manning quality
control department with sophisticated equipment for measuring, hardness, thickness testing and various other procedures."

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  • Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India
  • Contact Number: 9825464263

    Email: info@marutiaircompressor.com



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