M/S DEY’S ENTERPRISE is a State Government and Central Government Contractor which established in the year of 1981 Shri Asok Dey is the Founder of the organisation . Later, he transferred the ownership of this organisation in the name of his son Shri Subhankar Dey .Shri Subhankar Dey has been operating this organisation for 15 years. The firm is proprietary, and it is Kolkata based, West Bengal.

Statutory Information:
M/S Dey’s Enterprise is enlisted with Kolkata Municipal Corporation. This is entitled to use MICRO organisation title according to its MSME licence .It is a GST registered constitution.
PAN number: AQFPD8777N
MSME Licence number: UDYAM-WB-10-0006043
GST registration number: 19AQFPD8777N1Z0

Nature of Work:
Architecture and Engineering activities; technical testing, analysis and related technical consultancy. The organisation advises its clients about customized engineering solutions to increase their productivity scale,and to build better safety zones for their employees according to ISO 45001:2018 norms.The engineers and technocrats of the organisation apply their prudence in identifying a problem pertaining to any discipline of engineering and finding a suitable and quick solution to fix it.
We apply various new and prevalent technologies when and where needed.We are also keen on innovating, creating and altering approaches to different engineering issues.

Scope of Service:
1) Civil construction, civil renovation work and civil maintenance work:
Old Residence Renovation Work, Old Office Renovation Work, New Civil Work and Building Construction.The types of building repair and maintenance service works are:
Day to day repairs service facilities
Annual repairs
Special repairs
In addition to above, additions and alterations Works in the buildings, Supply & maintenance of furniture & furnishing articles should also be done. We undertake other civil and structural engineering works like canal reformation,bridge repairing,building dam,earthwork excavation,roofing,commercial steel frame buildings,landscaping, etc and all types of similar turnkey projects.
2) Interior & exterior decoration:
We undertake all types of commercial,industrial, and residential interior & exterior turnkey projects.
3) Architectural drawing, structural drawing,and fabrication drawing:
Our competent engineers provide all types of architectural,structural,and fabrication drawings for commercial ,industrial,and residential projects.
4) Factory shed fabrication and erection:
We fabricate and erect factory sheds of all types We supply materials required for the shed and also erect the same. We are specialists in designing industrial Truss structure.
5) Fabrication & erection for industrial machineries:
We are offering superior quality industrial superior quality Instrumentation Erection Work.
Services are rendered done under the stern guidance of adroit professionals
Cost effective and timely execution of work
Hassle free management to handle bulk order.
6) Industrial Inspection Services:
Inspection services from us helps you to reduce risk and ensure quality and accuracy, as well as meeting regulatory requirements. Whether you are developing products, projects, or processes, you need trusted independent inspection to ensure that both your legal obligations and the standards you expect are met, at every stage.
7) Heavy Duty Rack Stability, Material Handling Equipment,and lifting equipment stability:
We have Chartered Engineers to inspect the industrial heavy duty racks, material handling equipments, and lifting equipments, and certify these for their stability . If these prove unstable then we recommend solutions.
8) Pile Foundations:
We do all types of piling work like End Bearing Piles,Friction Piles,Driven piles,Bored piles,Screw pile,Timber piles,Steel piles,Concrete piles.
9) Road Construction:
We construct different types of roads:
Earthen Roads
Earthen roads are laid with soil. They are cheaper on all types of roads. This type of road is provided for less traffic areas and or for countryside areas.
Gravel Roads
Gravel roads are also low quality roads but they are good when compared to earthen roads. Compacted mixture of gravel and earth is used as pavement material in this case.
Murrum Roads
Murrum is a matter obtained from the disintegration of igneous rocks by weathering agencies. This is used to make roads called murrum roads.
Kankar Roads
Kankar is nothing but an impure form of limestone. Kankar roads are provided where lime is available in good quantity.
WBM Roads
Water Bound Macadam (WBM) roads contain crushed stone aggregate in its base course. The aggregates are spread on the surface and these are rolled after sprinkling water.WBM roads provide better performance compared to earthen, gravel, murrum and kankar roads.
Bituminous roads
Bituminous roads are very popular roads around the world. They are the most used roads in the world. They are low in cost and good for driving conditions.
Concrete Roads
Cement concrete is used to construct the pavements in case of concrete roads. These are very popular and costlier than all other types of roads. They are not flexible, so they require less maintenance.
10) Non Destructive Tests and core cutting:
We have facilities for rebound hammer,ultrasonic pulse velocity test, rebar scanning, radiography test,carbonation test,dye penetration test,ultrasonic thickness gauge test,magnetic particle test. We provide Non Destructive tests on both metal & concrete structures.We provide Core cutting as one of the most important destructive test,and this is one of the very reliable tests adopted for checking the compressive strength of the ‘In situ concrete”. Other physical properties such as density, water absorption can also be measured from the core concrete. In addition chemical properties of concrete specimens for its cement content, carbonation depth, chloride and sulphate content may be measured.
11) Geotechnical Investigation:
Geotechnical investigations are performed by geotechnical engineers or engineering geologists to obtain information on the physical properties of soil earthworks and foundations for proposed structures and for repair of distress to earthworks and structures caused by subsurface conditions. This type of investigation is called a site investigation. .We conduct soil tests, soil sampling ,thermal resistivity check, electrical resistivity check ,seismic test,and total station survey.
12) Valuation and estimation work:
We have competent engineers who do valuation and estimation of all types of assets like building ,land ,machineries,forest, vessels,business,goodwill.
13) Chartered engineer certification work:
We have competent persons to provide all types of Chartered Engineer certificates like structural stability certificate, stability certificate,installation certificate, pre-shipment inspection, in-process inspection, post & pre-production process inspection,manufacturing process certification,Installed capacity certification, waste calculation.
14) Project Management:
PERT and CPM are most commonly used methods for project management. PERT or Programme Evaluation and Review Technique is an event oriented method of network planning. PERT helps in identifying critical areas which threatens the completion of the work. It provides the means to determine how resources can be transferred from one job to another job. CPM is also a network comprising events and activities. This network is activity based.The activities are connected in logical sequence. The time allotted to each activity is related to cost. CPM is widely used in construction projects.
1) The Citibank
2) The HSBC Bank
3) The ICICI Bank
4) The OIL India Limited
5) The New India Assurance Company Limited
6) The PWD,West Bengal
7) The CPWD, West Bengal
8) The Irrigation & Waterways Department,West Bengal
9) The CESC Limited
10)Calcutta metropolitan water and sanitation department, West Bengal
13) M/S DM Construction
We are also vendors of:
1) The NTPC Limited
2) The Hindustan Copper Limited
3) The EdCIL (India) Limited
5) The Power Grid Corporation of India Limited
6) Generic Engineering Construction and Projects Limited
Communication Details:
p: 03324425157
m: 9804844413 e: enterprisedeys@gmail.com/subhankardey293@gmail.com
a: 54/1/2A HAZRA ROAD ,SECOND FLOOR KOLKATA 700019,West Bengal

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