Ways to Take Care of Your Platform Bed

In every bedroom, the platform bed is the focal point of the room. It is where most people spend their time sleeping and relaxing. It is only wise to take good care of it to create the needed ambiance. Keeping it organized always, not overloading it, and dusting it are ways to keep it in top condition.

Time to Take Care of Your Platform Bed

There is no specific time that you should be taking care of your platform bed frame. Some things should be done always, while others should be done regularly. For example, cleaning it with a soft damp cloth should be done regularly2, and this depends on the material of the bed. Manufacturers give instructions on how to take care of it.


Ways to Take Care of Your Platform Bed

There are several ways it can be done. From rotating the bed, removing stains to not overloading it, doing small things will help in this.

The Platform Bed Should Be Rotated and Flipped

With time, wear and tear will happen to the platform. If it happens unevenly, you will be creating an uncomfortable sleeping space. A bed should wear and tear evenly, and the best thing you can do is to rotate it regularly. It is one thing that extends its life expectancy. It is recommended, for at least thrice a year.

The Bed Should Be Vacuumed Regularly

The cleanliness of a room plays a significant role in how long a bed lasts and how comfortable it is. Bed bugs and dust mites can make the bed their home, especially if it is a wooden one. They should not be allowed to thrive, and vacuuming them regularly will prevent and eliminate them. It can be quite annoying when you hope to have a good night's sleep only to be bitten by a bug.

Their waste and dead bodies are also a risk to those with allergies. It can also be cleaned using a steam cleaner. By doing this, you will be boosting the longevity of the best platform bed.

Get a Compatible Mattress

There are varieties of mattresses out there. They include and are not limited to latex, spring, and foam mattresses. Whichever type you opt for, it should be compatible with the bed. It helps in proper maintenance.


Avoid Jumping In the Bed

It might sound weird since in most cases, the little ones are known to do this. You will not find adults jumping in bed, but some use them for exercise. Whatever makes the bed underneath, whether it is wood or metal, there is a possibility it will be damaged.

Remove Stains

If there are stains that mostly happen on an upholstered or wooden platform bed, find a way they can be removed. If food or liquid spills on it wipe as soon as possible to prevent stains. They are unsightly. There are DIY solutions to take advantage of.


Taking good care of your cheap platform bed is one of the best things you can do in your house. It means that you care about quality sleep and good health. Vacuuming or steam cleaning it regularly, rotating, and not overloading are some of the things that should be done. If it is cared for most appropriately, its life expectancy will be extended.

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