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THIS INDEED GIVES US GREAT PLEASURE TO INTRODUCE OUR SELVES AS ONE OF THE PIONEERS IN MANUFACTURING AND EXPORTING OF FRP / RCC COOLING TOWERS. SINCE 1981, “VARUN” HAS STEADILY GROWN INTO WORLDWIDE SUPPLIER OF COOLING TOWERS. OUR EXPERIENCE & EXPERTISE WITH WIDE VERITIES OF INDUSTRIAL COOLING TOWERS HAS ENABLED US TO BECOME SPECIALIST IN DESIGNING & FABRICATING CUSTOMIZED COOLING TOWERS. ‘VARUN’ is an organization with core competencies in the field of FRP COOLING TOWERS. The company’s products and services are designed to benefit industries and improve their quality & productivity. At the same time “VARUN” creates value through innovation, growth. Manufacturing units & corporate office located in Ahmedabad, ‘VARUN’ was established in 1981. With annual production of more than 1000 units, floor space 40,000 Sq. Ft. And products sold around the world, ‘VARUN’ plays a pivotal role in FRP COOLING TOWER industry. To provide top quality products and excellent technical services is our long-term commitments to all our customers. Our Cooling Tower expertise has been perfected for more than 30 years. We are manufacturing FRP Induced Draft Counter Flow, Cross Flow (Maintenance Free Cooling Tower) & Natural Draft Cooling Towers ranging from 5 TR to 5000 TR in  Single Cell & up to 20000 TR in Multi Cell and we are conquer to meet Customer’s requirement for business of all sizes and types. 

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