VAS Benefits to Vendors

Add a Power of Trust and Confidence with Globally Accepted Vendor Assessment Platform

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VAS For Vendors

Enggpro's Vendor Assessment System (VAS) is implemented with international standard and best practices.

Gain "Extended Visibility" with the right prospects.

With Enggpro's Vendor Assessment System (VAS), it is becoming easy for manufacturers and suppliers to reach the highly targeted audience of prospects, generate qualified leads, convert prospects to the clients and reduce time and costs in providing constantly updated information on their company's strength in the right product-line of supply.

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Vendor Management Software

Do you run a multi-vendor business? Then you would agree that having multiple vendors for a business and managing them is as difficult as it is beneficial for your business. You lack the capabilities to reconcile the vendor invoices, as the task is huge, you miss out on the dates of filling for the taxes, and no proper MIS reports are making things worse than ever before. You need efficient technology-driven software that can divide your work, hence Enggpro Vendor Management Software.

We offer you a web-based, fully integrated solution that allows you to perform business operations at ease. You can use the software to request a quote, invoice reconciliation with the GSTN network, and much more. Enjoy end-to-end automation of payment processes for registered users and a dedicated dashboard to perform multiple managerial tasks on the go.

Assessment Parameters

Enggpro’s Vendor Assessment System is the most powerful vendor scouting platform originated from the international best practices.


Company description with comprehensive inputs explains your buyers about your legality, business, products, structure, manpower and a lot more...


VAS manufacturing Information means all information and data relating to the Manufacture of Products provided by global standardization, including the Specifications, Methods of Analysis and all formulas and processes.


The quality policy act as a driver for continual improvement. Our quality module aligns with your organization's purpose and strategic direction, to provide a framework for quality objectives, and includes a commitment to meet applicable requirements


VAS Credentials represents the achievement of successfully completed deals. It boosts the confidence of your clients.


HSC explains how you, as a standard company, will manage health and safety in your business. It helps clients gain confidence in your employee management technic.


Financial information is the most transparent parameters you are sharing to gain trust towards your buyers.

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