BPCL Vendor’s Registration Process for Oil & Gas and Refinery

Oil and Gas Industry

Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited (BPCL) is among the top oil and gas exploration companies in India. The BPCL started as the Rangoon Oil and Exploration Company under the British Colonial rule in India. Since 1889, the BPCL covers the larges section of South Asian Market. 

After the Independence of India, BPCL has become a public sector company. The BPCL operates two of the major refineries in India, located at Kochi and Mumbai. Moreover, BPCL is the second-largest oil and gas industry in India.

So, it’s obvious many people who are willing to enter the Oil and Gas sectors as a vendor would like to join hand with the BPCL. However, applying as the vendor quite a tricky process. 

What goes in the Vendor Registration Process of BPCL? 

Registering for BPCL Oil and Gas Industry as a vendor requires you to go through different steps. New Vendors who are not familiar with the process might find the registration process to be bit complex. To help the vendors out, we have listed a step-by-step guide for filling the BPCL Vendor application. 

Steps for applying as BPCL Vendor

 Step 1

To register as a BPCL vendor, the applicant must first clear the criteria specified by the BPCL oil and gas company. Different kinds of criteria are used by all the Oil and gas Exploration Companies to sort the Vendors. So, you need to fill a pre-qualification form and submit it to the officials at the BPCL. 

Step 2 

If you suit the BPCL vendor criteria, BPCL will provide you with the USER-ID and Password. The BPCL will send the USER-ID and Passwords on the e-mail you have submitted in your pre-qualification form.  

Step 3 

You need to Login with the User-ID and Password that you got via mail, and fill the application to register as a vendor. The application consists of the seven forms that ask for different details of Vendors.

What do you need to fill in each form?

Form 1

In Form1, you need to select the class of the registrations. 

Form 2

In Form2, you need to fill the major details regarding your company. Here are the details that you need to fill in Form2. 

  • Company contact details 
  • PAN No
  • Central and State Sales Tax No
  • PF and ESIC Registration No

Form 3 

The form3 asks you to define your organisation’s type (Sole Proprietorship, Partnership, Private Ltd, Public Sector/Public Ltd).  Also, you need to fill your company turnover of 3 years. 

Form 4

The form asks for other crucial details, such as- the banker’s details, Value of Assets, Overdraft, and Solvency.

Form 5

In the form, you need to provide your last three-year balance sheet. 

 Form 6

Form6 asks you to provide details of your previous and ongoing association with other, oil and gas exploration companies, PSU’s and CPWD. 

Form 7

The last form you need to apply for is the registrations form to the BPCL. If everything is fine in your application, the BPCL oil and gas industry will contact you. 

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