How to Register as a Supplier to Shell

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1. Introduction
2. What is Supplier Qualification System (SQS)?
3. How to Register with Shell as a Vendor or Supplier?
4. Information and Documents needed to fill the Registration Form.
5. Contact for queries to Registration Process.


Shell has its presence in more than 70 countries which means that it must be procuring materials or services from many suppliers across the world.
In its effort towards making Supply chain fully automated and integrated end-to-end, Shell has built a platform using SAP Ariba to collaborate efficiently with the suppliers around the world and help them attain global visibility.

Shell has established a standard and transparent pre-qualification process that suppliers need to finish before participating in any tender, negotiation, or signing any contract with Shell.

In this blog, we will guide you through the process of registering as a Supplier/Vendor/Contractor to Shell.

Shell uses a global system known as the “Supplier Qualification System” (SQS) to pre-qualify suppliers invited for upcoming contracts.

What is SQS?

Shell Supplier Qualification System (SQS) was introduced in January 2012. SQS is an internal process that Shell uses to pre-qualify suppliers for upcoming contracts. It is a standard process that makes the pre-qualification process streamlined and also makes sure that suppliers finish all the required pre-qualification assessments in line will Shell’s requirements.

However, Registration in SQS doesn’t mean that all the suppliers would be able to do business with Shell.

SQS is designed with the purpose of data collection and storage concerning suppliers invited to work with Shell which makes it very clear that all the Registration happens only by invitation.

Any company is invited only when it is being considered for a potential contract or if it is on the stage of renewing the current contract with Shell.

Supplier Qualification System is operated by Achilles on behalf of Shell who assists the suppliers in registering themselves and provide on-going support. Suppliers need to register at their own cost.

Register with Shell – Registration Process: (By Invitation Only)

As you all know that Registration as a Supplier/Vendor on Shell happens only through invitation so the Contracting and Procurement Team of Shell will contact Achilles who looks after the Supplier Qualification System management once a Supplier is identified as a potential for an upcoming contract. An Achilles Team member will then initiate the process by sending an invitation letter with a registration token to the potential supplier.

Steps for Online Supplier Registration Form Submission

  1. Stage 1

The Supplier is supposed to initiate the registration process within 48 hours post the receipt of the Invitation Email. You will have to register in SQS using the registration token mentioned in your invitation email.

Stage 1 of registration is completely free of cost. The Supplier is asked to fill the Online Questionnaire which takes approximately 20 minutes to finish.

Information and Documents to submit

Before starting your Stage 1 registration process, you are requested to be ready with the following Information and Documents:

Sl. No 1- Information and Documents needed
(A) Sales Tax Number or Value Added Tax Number (VAT) – VAT is equivalent to Goods and Services Tax (Canada and Australia); Sales Tax (USA); and MwST (Germany)
(B) Registration or Incorporation Number – if your company is registered as a legal entity, you may have been assigned a company registration or incorporation number. This number can be found in any legal registration document that you may have been issued. If your company is based in a country where they do not issue registration number, you may in this instance enter your Federal Tax ID Number or Unique Tax Payer Reference Number (UTR).
(C) If applicable, you will be required to upload your Company Certificate of Registration/Incorporation e.g. if you are a supplier based in China.
(D) Annual Turnover for your last financial year – this is the same as Annual Gross Revenue or Total Annual Sales. Please note that this does not mean staff turnover.
(E) Number of employees
(F) Annual value of the contract your company is currently being considered for
(G) Regions where you are able to supply your products and/or services to.

Along with the above-mentioned details, you will be asked to furnish the following information:

1.1 Details about You:

Sl. No 2. Details about You
(A) Title, First and Last Name
(B) Job Title
(C) Telephone Number
(D) Email Address

1.2 Details about your Company

Sl. No 2. Details about Your Company
(A) Company Name
(B) Trading Address
(C) Company Website
(D) Tax Number (for example, VAT if you are registered for this, or the equivalent in your trading country)
(E) Company Type (Registered or Not registered)
(F) If registered, Country of Incorporation
(G) If registered, Registration/Incorporation Number
(H) Annual Turnover (Revenue) for the previous financial year
(I) Number of employees

1.3 Details about the Products and Services

In this section, you will have to furnish the details regarding the products and/or services that will be covered under the contract Shell is considering your company for.

Please note that the product code(s) selected will impact the risk profile of your company in SQS and may trigger relevant prequalification assessments. Hence, if you are not sure about what to include or what is relevant to your company, you are free to consult Shell Contracting and Procurement team.

1.4 Answers to Shell Specific Questions

Sl. No 2. Answers to Shell Specific Questions
(A) Annual value of the contract your company is currently being considered for – if you are unsure of which value should be entered, please consult your contact at Shell Contracting & Procurement
(B) Regions of supply
(C) Supplier status (Manufacturer, Agent or Stockist)
(D) If applicable, registration in other prequalification communities (FPAL, JQS, ISNET, PICS)
(E) Declaration of compliance with Shell Supplier Principles
(F) Declaration of compliance with Shell Code of Conduct
(G) Declaration of compliance with Shell General Business Principles

1.5 Information related to Ethics and Compliance (if applicable)

Here, you will have to furnish details related to your company’s internal policies on matters like bribery, corruption which must also cover the training provided along with the associated reporting process.

1.6 Details with regards to Local Content (if applicable)

This applies only to suppliers trading in Canada, South Africa, or the United States of America. If your company is a local content supplier, you will be asked to provide details about the relevant certificates.

1.6 Declaration

You will have to agree to the statements made on the page.

Post your submission of the Stage 1 Questionnaire, Achilles will contact you if any data validation issues are identified.

Please Note: If you are not asked to proceed to Stage 2, it means your company is identified as “low risk” and no further action would be required in SQS. Now your information will be available to Shell Buyers to support procurement decisions.

If Achilles found that further Pre-qualification Assessment is required then it may ask you to proceed to Stage 2 of the Qualification process.

2. If any issues are identified, you will be notified via email with all the issues listed.

3. Within 48 hours following receipt of the Email Notification containing the list of Data Validation Issues, you will have to address those issues and re-submit the Stage-1 Questionnaire to Achilles.

Note: Post-re-submission questionnaire, if you are not asked to proceed to Stage 2, it means your company is identified as “low risk” and no further action would be required in SQS.

If further Prequalification Assessment is required, you will be asked to proceed to Stage 2.

4.Stage 2

Based on the information you provided in Stage 1, you may be asked to provide additional details related to your company’s policies in the areas of health & safety, labor rights, and/or ethics and compliance. In this case, you will be asked to proceed to Stage 2 of the registration process, where you need to fill a detailed questionnaire and submit proof to support your answers.

4.1 At this stage, you will be asked to pay the subscription fees to Achilles via credit card or online payment mode to get access to the Stage 2 pre-qualification Questionnaire. Once, the payment is received, the link to the questionnaire will be shared.

4.2 You are required to fill and submit your questionnaire to Achilles for data validation within 10 working days post the receipt of the link.

4.3 Post submission, Achilles will provide an independent assessment of the completed questionnaires. The results of the same would be published in SQS.

Note: Your company profile and all completed assessment results would be valid and visible to Shell procurement specialists for three (3) years. If your company wishes to renew the contract or is being considered for another contract with Shell after that time, you may be asked to re-register.


For any queries related to the registration process, you can contact the Achilles Customer Support Team at

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The timeline mentioned here is a guideline only. Please contact your Contracting & Procurement specialist at Shell for exact timelines. Ensure that you finish the required assessments in time to be considered for the opportunity.

Please note that Enggpro takes no responsibility for, and will not be liable for, any change in the information by the company.

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