Top 10 Pipe Manufacturers in India

Pipe Manufacturers in India

A pipe is an indispensable part of human resources and they are used mostly in every part of the industry. You must have seen the installation of pipe near you, it is because without them propagation of matter or fluid is just impossible. In general, pipes are the cylindrical-shaped two-sided open object that is used for propagating fluid or gases from one place to another. There are plenty of pipe manufacturers in India that fabricate pipes by keeping in view the needs of their target audience. With the increased population, its need has increased and with that, the manufacturing process has been increased. The pipes that are ISO certified or equivalent are best for use. Do you want to know about the top pipe manufacturers in India? Then, this blog is for you. Let us now dive deep into the topic for a better understanding.  


List of Top Pipe Manufacturers in India


Finolex Industries Ltd.

Finolex industry has its corporate office in Chhindwara, Maharashtra. Finolex started its journey by setting up a PVC plant in the year 1981, after which in the year 1994 it successfully established a big PVC plant manufacturing unit in Ratnagiri. Today, it is one of the leading pipe manufacturing companies in India with expertise in the PVC piping sector. Finolex has more than 900 dealers and 21000+ retailers, which marks how it is growing with a huge network each day. This company fabricates two segments of pipes which is agriculture pipe and plumbing pipe. It includes casing pipes, column pipes, a grid pipe, PVC pipe, cpvc pipe, SWR pipe, underground pipe, etc. They also produce solvents and lubricants along with the pipe for better working. 

APL Apollo Pipes Ltd.

APL Apollo Pipes Ltd was founded in the year 1986 and has its corporate office in Noida, Uttar Pradesh. It is best known for its supreme quality and wide range of pipes that they supply throughout India. Apollo company has had expertise in fabricating plumbing pipes for over 35 years and it has retailers and dealers in almost 200+ cities in India now. They have all kinds of pipes such as galvanized, pre-galvanized, pipes with hollow sections, and in all sizes. They have curated a wide range for every sector and cater to every need of industrial applications. They provide the customers with the fastest deliveries and supreme quality products. They are the reliable leading manufacturers of pipe in India and are still wanting to expand their network more across the nation and even outside it. 

Prince Pipes and Fittings Limited

Prince piping system company was founded in 1987 and had its headquarters in Mumbai, Maharashtra. This is the pipes manufacturers in India that produces the best quality cpvc pipe brand. These pipes do not cause any damage and are leakage-free because it is made up of high-quality raw material and is fire resistant too. They have a high-pressure bearing capacity and are also free from any kind of corrosion or scaling. They have a wide range of plumbing products that includes all the pipe fittings that are necessary to install along with the pipes. 

Truflow by Hindware

Hindware was established in 1960 however they founded their piping company named Truflo, in the year 2017. It has its corporate office in Hyderabad, Telangana. Truflo is today one of the top and leading pipes and fittings companies in India that provide its audience with the best quality cpvc pipe. They are now considered the leading pipe manufacturers and suppliers in India. These pipes are compatible with all temperatures of fluids and safe to use. They include all sizes and ranges of pipes which provides the consumers with a vast variety of choices of pipes.  

Supreme Industries Limited

Supreme Industries Limited was established in the year 1942 and is based in Mumbai, Maharashtra. This is one of the leading and most ancient companies in India that produce most of the plastic products that are utilized in every home and industry of India. It also launched its products under the plumbing category and has a supreme quality of these products only, just like its name. They have made available the whole range of the plumbing system including pipes and their fittings which are safe to use in all ways. They are the best pipe stockists in India which provide you with products in all sizes and ranges as per your requirement. 

Dutron Company

Dutron is an ISO 9001: 2015 certified company, founded in 1962 in Gujarat. It is the most trusted pipe brand across the nation that is still growing each day. This is one of the top manufacturing companies in India that has expertise in manufacturing Pvc hose pipes. All range of their products is available in the marketplace such as HDPE pipes and fittings, suction hose, braided hose, flat hose, uPVC pipes and fittings, corrugated pipes, water pipes, etc. You can buy all pipe fittings without compromising on quality. 

Ashirvad Pipes Private Limited

Ashirvad company was established in the year 1998 in Bengaluru. They established their plant with one factory and a turnover of over 4 crores. For one year, this company as producing only uPVC pipe but then with each growing year they started manufacturing plumbing pipes as well. In recent times, it has successfully established its brand name in plumbing as well as in column pipes and is widely bought across the nation. This has now become the most renowned pipe selling and manufacturing company in India

Unitech PVC Pipes 

Unitech PVC is one of the leading and renowned pipe manufacturers in India, It is an ISO 9001: 2008 Certified company that has expertise in manufacturing PVC pipes. It has successfully established a great network in different cities in India and is growing so well with each passing year. This company has now gained plenty of consumers from across the nation due to the trustworthy name that it made for itself. They provide high-quality pipes for residential and commercial use without causing any damage. 

Astral Pipes 

Astral pipe is considered to be the top pipe manufacturing and exporting company in India. It was established in 1996 and has its headquarters in Ahmedabad. They have successfully established 6-7 pipe manufacturing plants across India. They have also established a small unit of their company outside the nation in Kenya. This company manufactures plumbing pipes, drainage pipes, electrical pipes, industrial pipes, agricultural column pipes, fire protection pipes etc. With all these choices, you can buy any pipe by keeping in view your requirement without compromising the quality. 

Captain Pipes Private Limited

Captain Pipes Private Limited is the leading pipe manufacturer and exporter company in India established in the year 2010 near Rajkot. They have expertise in producing plumbing, agricultural, and drainage pipe and fittings. Their product range includes uPVC column pipes, borewell pipes, cpvc solvent cement, uPVC pressure fittings, SWR fittings, suction pipes, HDPE pipes, etc. They provide standardized products and offer the best plumbing solutions with their skilled professional executives.  


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