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About Chemical Earthing

Chemical Earthing is a process of creating a conductive path from the electrical installation or equipment to the ground by using a chemical compound. The process involves the use of electrodes, a backfilling compound, and a conductive wire to create a low-impedance path for the fault current to travel to the ground. The electrodes used in Chemical Earthing are usually made of copper or galvanized iron.
The backfill compound is a mixture of bentonite and graphite that helps to maintain the moisture content of the soil around the electrode. The conductive wire connects the electrode to the electrical installation or equipment. The purpose of Chemical Earthing is to provide a low-resistance path for the fault current to travel to the ground. This helps to protect people and equipment from electrical hazards that could be caused by a fault in the electrical installation or equipment. It also helps to ensure that the electrical installation or equipment operates efficiently and effectively.

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Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

11-50 Employees

  • Ac Ups
  • Alternator
  • Bldc Fan
  • Bulkhead Lighting Fixtures

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Pune, Maharashtra, India

11-50 Employees

  • Chemical Earthing
  • Earthing Materials
  • Eht Transformer
  • Lightning Arrester

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