Request For Quote

Let us face it. RFQ/RFP is the foundation for a winning deal.

It is inevitable for businesses to have a transparent dialogue out in public about their services.

That is how your potential clients know about your products. RFQ which stands for request for quotation indicates a process where a buyer seeks information about the product/service in focus. Such a procedure is necessary to define the service inclusions the client will be offered. To float RFQ is to ask the potential vendor about their base price, product description, and duration to execute the complete project. It is a two-way interaction where both sides get to know about the market benefit they will have with the deal.

Why is it so important to quotes on request? The very first reason would be that disclosing a piece of tailored information clears the air between two parties regarding vital aspects of the agreement.

Not just that, once the client is certain about the aligning goals, they are more likely to source the products you have to offer. Let us just say it is an essential part of a trust-building process between a supplier and a purchaser.


Why choose enggpro for RFQ?

Enggpro is a world’s leading engineering platform with a winning RFQ format with a simple user interface.

It has a plethora of registered, verified businesses with an easy-to-use online platform. As a purchaser, you will be responded with several vendor responses once you float RFP. Our process includes:
Once you visit enggpro, you will be asked to register as a buyer. There is a user-friendly form that will be added to our database so that we can fetch you the services that align with your needs.
After creating an account, you can float RFQ with a ready-to-use template enggpro provides.
Enggpro will link your input to over 10000 suppliers with matching intentions and who would want to carry out a deal with like-minded buyers.
The interested businesses will contact you directly for further pitching.

Enggpro makes floating RFP easier and makes it accessible to 10000+ companies. Register yourself as a buyer and unite with the businesses you will love.

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