Since 1993, Thermofin has designed, manufactured and marketed a large range of high quality heat transfer products. Over the years, Thermofin has become one of Canada’s main heat exchanger manufacturer and one of North America’s leading manufacturer of extruded aluminum finned tubes. Thermofin’s extended surface finned tubes are routinely integrated in many reputable OEM’s equipment as well as being a central part of Thermofin’s own line of quality heat exchangers. Moreover, during the past decade, most of the major North American Heat Exchanger manufacturers have bought our POWERFIN extruded finned tubes. Custom made tube finning machines were developed and constructed by Thermofin, allowing for a thorough understanding of the aluminium extruded tube finning process, providing Thermofin with an unmatched manufacturing flexibility. Building on its excellent expertise in heat transfer and its strategic position, Thermofin has also developed numerous lines of heat exchanger products that meet the requirements of the highest international quality standards. Its engineering, research and development department can count on many highly qualified specialists: PhDs in heat transfer and materials, mechanical and heat transfer Engineers, ASME Code specialists, etc. Most Thermofin heat exchangers have been conceived for the industrial sector. Due to the great variety and complexity of industrial processes, heat exchangers serving industrial clients must not only be custom made but must also respect stringent technical and quality standards. Accordingly, Thermofin’s straight arrow attitude and purpose has enabled it to become a reference for heat transfer expertise and heat exchanger solutions. Many Thermofin heat exchangers have found their place in key industrial sectors such as energy, petrochemicals and pulp & papers, markets for which quality and reliability of equipments are essential.



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