Time Rolling Development Limited

Time Rolling Development Limited

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Founded in 2007, the Time Rolling Group is located at Liaohe Oilfield, which is the largest  production base for heavy oil, ultra heavy oil and high pour-point oil in China, involved in the Oil and Gas, Chemicals, Minerals, Cold Chain, Pharma & Medical and Real Estate etc.

One of the significant strengths of our service is the cutting-edge technology in the heavy oil production. Our professional team has rich experience in heavy oil and high pour-point oil(Max. @ 67℃) completion and production.  Including Steam Stimulation, Steamflood, Steam Assisted Gravity Drainage(SAGD) and Sand Control etc.    

Fracturing and acidizing technology including  well diagnosis, reservoir simulation, fracturing design, fracturing construction of the fracturing supporting technology series, 6000 meters deep fracturing acidification engineering capacity, Green downhole workover operation technology etc. Especially the Finely Stratified Fracturing technology and hydraulic sand-blasting fracturing technology application in the world's rare high pour-point oil developments.

Time Rolling’s Wellhead Plugging Ball provides a new Profile Control and Water Plugging solution for our clients. It will automatically block high absorption water layer blast-hole to achieve the effect of water injection profile. Simple Operation on site, no jobs, fixed string, recycle plugging balls by conventional flushing. No jamming, workover and other risks. Good performance, decrease water cut, start new absorption water layers, restarted inactive wells nearby.  It can save 50%+ cost than mechanical water plugging process.



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