Uniphos Envirotronic Pvt. Ltd. is an ISO 9001 & ISO 14001 certified company. It is one of the largest manufacturers of Gas Detection Devices in India with a wide range of products, all designed and developed through in-house R & D efforts. It is the only Indian manufacturer of chemical detector tubes, electrochemical gas sensors and pellistors for combustible gases. UEPL produces intrinsically safe personal, portable monitors and flame proof fixed systems for the detection of several toxic and flammable gases. We have several unique industry specific and application specific instruments. We provide complete solution for industries monitoring needs. Our worldwide customers include large chemical and petro-chemical industries, oil refineries, government establishments, fumigators etc. Our products are exported to more than 45 countries such as USA, Germany, U.K., Spain, Mexico, South Africa, Argentina, etc. We have also diversified into other areas of instrumentation like Continuous Emission Monitoring System (CEMS), Ambient Air Quality Monitoring System (AAQMS), Water Quality Analyzers, Oil Quality Analyzers, etc. and have many more instrument development programs based on Non-Dispersive Absorption Spectroscopy & Fluorescence Spectroscopy and Laser based instruments.

UEPL’s products are Certified/Tested by various agencies like ATEX, IECEX, TUV, CMRI, ERTL, NCL.

Equipped with the latest manufacturing and testing facilities and with a highly qualified team of trained R & D scientists and engineers, UEPL is set to meet the latest trend in gas detection technology and can design and supply instruments to meet customers’ requirement.

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